Friday, November 11, 2011

To : my beloved one

Happy anniversary dear~ i'm so so happy today.. bcuz ta-da here we are today. hope u do enjoy this video, btw dun cry.. haha. it's hard u know to upload this video, my bb almost reach its quota. it's not really a gud quality video but since i'm having exam now, so it shud b graded at least an 'A', though i know u'll say it's the best u've ever seen. i'm waiting for u to come back next month from india, so so excited. one more month n i'll be at the airport there giving u a big hug.. n i love u~ <3

Monday, June 13, 2011

Gomo Kelate Gomo!

Due to inspiration from , I would love to talk about my hometown. Now,where do I come from? Kota bharu! Ever heard anything about it? Ya, I was so shocked when I heard from my friends saying that my hometown is a town full of terrorists. Come on, it's only a town full of malays,and it's not necessary all muslims are terrorists. It's a peaceful and a place filled with tranquility. Yet,you might need to adapt yourself for a new view.

As soon you walk into a shopping mall,you'll realise that 80% of the shoppers are wearing tudung. There are certain levels for tudung. The highest level will be a black tudung covering her whole body,which is common for us to call them Ninja. No offence but I feel totally comfortable seeing people wearing tudung all around me.

Anyway,it will make the girls who not wearing tudung prettier. I think that is why they said Kelantan girls are pretty. HAHAHAHA. A joke okay ladies from Kelantan. Following by that, based on strong evidence and reliable statistic,many says that Kelantan has the most handsome guys all around Malaysia. I'm certainly hope thas it's not just a myth.

And NO,we did not use sampan go to school and we do not live on tree. There are so many statements,arguments I wanna clear. Yes,we do have internet, No,we do not use leaves to cover our kukuciao. Yes,we are listening to the latest hits thanks to sogou and many other free downloading websites. And NO,the people here are not racist at all. Some might be naughty kacau-ing the girls,but the crime rate in Kelantan is one of the lowest in Malaysia. I have no problem at all with the malays here. Me,as a chinese boy,can walk peacefully,on street without people calling me chinok babi/tauke babi. But I'd heard some when I'm traveling in other states.

And YES,we can eat pork freely here! You can see a chinese restaurant is just next to a malay stall,and there is no controversy between them for the past 50 years. We do have sort of Chinatown named Jalan Kebun Sultan. You can get non-halal foods or dirnks here.

I am proud to say most of the chinese from here can speak a fluent Kelantan style Bahasa Melayu,which is called Bahaso Kelate. And there's definitely no problem for us to speak bahasa baku. A Kelantanese can easily be identified based on his slang. In my personal experience, I'd met a lot of Kelantanese in KL. And usually,when people know that you're from Kelantan,they will be so astonished and starting a conversation by asking ," oih,demo boleh kecek dok?" And I even met a taxi driver who gave me discount just because I'm from Kelantan. Not to mention in restaurant and burger stalls,foods were sold cheaper to me. HAHAHA.

Even it is ruled by oppostion,I don't feel the other races were neglected. Yes the main religion in my state is muslim,but other religions can be practiced without any disturbances. You can see so many temples,churches built along streets.

So,isn't Kelantan is the best example for 1Malaysia? Come here and experience youeself. We do have classy airport here,so fly here by using airasia and you can even stay in Tunehotel! Which is just next to biggest mall in Kota Bharu,KB mall.

And last,let me present you,our greatest slogan of all times.....


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hindi night.

A lot of photos. But I'm in rush now,so to build up suspense,here a video of my dance with my batchmates. Enjoy. You can find me easily. HAHAHAHAHAHA

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Outing with ♥

Went out with her the day before i left my college. The day started with mixed feeling. Nothing much to describe about my inner feeling, let bygones be bygones. Anyway,we took ERL from salak tinggi station straight to KL sentral. It took us less than 30 minutes only. Although the fare is higher than KTM,it worth because all the saved time and we do not need to fighting for a place to sit or stand with the crowd while commuting. The journey isn't pleasant travelling with sweaty and crowded people for one hour in KTM. 

she took this while I was sleeping. =.=

Went to KLCC after we arrived at KL sentral.

nahh this is suria klcc.

asking to go to skybridge. But unfortunately the tickets were sold out at 10am! come on,they started to operate and 830am and it sold out one and half hour later? unbelievable. 

no comment. still very cute.

to prove that I'd been there!

Took this at the main entrance. 

Went to pavilion after KLCC. Met these Justice League's superheroes. I don't really know some of them. 

yeah, the Batman!

The green lantern with fake bisceps!

Wonder girl right? or woman? arrrr..


The bird girl? Hell I dont know but she was the sexiest among them. 


went to Snowflake just because of the UFO thingy. -.-

The beans~

The beeping and vibrating UFO. 

I forgot what is this. But it's snowflake bestseller. It's grass jelly ice,covered with grass jelly and Taroballs. Taroballs are basically just riceballs. But it were so chewy until you can't stop biting. 

Saw this 1Malaysia dance outside pavilion. They were lousy dancers. pssst offf

Newly opened Kim Gary in Times Square. 

I forgot what is the name. But it was scrumptious! Mourning for the little octopus. 

She ordered this. Bacon with cheese covered rice. Non-halal punya. 

Well,this conclude our day trip. We were exhausted but another memory for both of us. Yeahhhh. Thank you for willing to go out with me even though you're having your AS examination. I appreaciate it. 
With much lovess, XOXO.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Obsessive compulsive disorder. (the cure)

Last post we talked about obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). And yea as I promised,we'll further discuss about the cure of OCD. The cure of OCD,that is not getting rid of this illness,but live with it!

Don't you think that no matter how hard you tried to get rid of this abnormal behaviour,the thing will like stuck on your even harder? The point is,as we're trying to get rid of OCD,we are talking to ourselves,as in negotiating with the illness. When we are trying to negotiate or debate with OCD,we are taking it more serious,which means it gives more impact in our life!

Bear in mind that this is not a easy way to really cure OCD,but I can guarantee you the effect afterward is permanent. You will feel relief no matter when it comes to haunt you again in your lifetime. 

Now,please accept the fact that one part of your brain,named caudate nucleus is dysfunction. This will lead to certain information being interpreted and regulated repeatedly. You understand the cause of it,now try to live with the effects. You KNOW it is an illness,it is not some mental breakdown or you having some severe mental illness. You are still normal! It is only because that little part in our brain doesn't collaborate well enought. :D Take that OCD!

Do you ever felt sad? Happy? Or even sometime some stupid question or idea just came across your mind? Do you watch how it comes and goes? As a matter of fact,all our feelings and those thoughts come and go naturally,without any consciousness from us. This implies on OCD too. When the thought that start asking you to do certain action,these are the few simple steps you need to do :

1. Knowing that this is not the real and crucial thought ,it's just OCD start asking you to do some stupid act again.

2.Realise that this thought is keep on repeating due to dysfunction of caudate nucleus,do not give too much pressure on yourself.

3.When you know deeply in your heart that this thought is unimportant and it is caused by OCD,just let the thought pass by. Like a wind blow toward you,and you let the wind pass around you without affecting you.

These are some ways of handling OCD from me myself. I do as much as I could to help people get out from it. Cause I speak from experience,I know the pain. I am not a professional doctor or counsellor,just a student who currently studying in dentistry field. Hope this will help you. Have a nice day! 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Obsessive compulsive disorder. (the cause)

Obsessive compulsive disorder,this might sounds new to us,but it does happen in our daily life. First of all,what is it? Copying the definition from wiki won't help you guys to understand it better. Here's my own definition,obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is a anxiety disorder which will lead to fear,worry,unpleasant,uneasiness due to repetitive actions or thoughts.

And if you still don't know what is that,try to understand this phrase. "You're thinking or doing something that is useless,repeatedly." Our brain control our daily actions,thoughts. Sometime,we're totally controlled by this organ in our body. Here an example,when we feel like going to toilet to urinate,it is because our urinary bladder is full and expanded,thus sending a message to our brain. Our mighty little brain receive,integrate and interpret this message into series of actions. We stand up,walk to toilet,close the door,open zip,take out the pipe...and that's it. OCD is exactly the same situation.

The only difference will be number of times certain action being done. Here to make thing clear,easy and effortless task such as washing hand,can be a disturbance in the life of an OCD person. They tend to wash their hand repeatedly,wash so many times just to make sure his hands  is free of germs. Why do they feel their hands is so dirty until there is a need to wash it repeatedly? The brain is sending an information continuously,telling himself that his hands is so dirty that it's compulsory to wash it as clean as possible. However,we do know that our hand will be clean once we wash it,and it is almost impossible to keep our hands 100% free from germs.

An OCD person also realise the fact that it is impossible to keep our hand totally clean,but they just couldn't help from stop washing their hands because they're saying that their brain keep on asking them to do so. Yes it is true,the brain is actually telling them to do so. We must know that brain is just like other part of our body,it will fall sick. When a part of our brain called caudate nucleus is sick and not function well,the ability of our brain to interpret information will be affected.

To compare our brain with a car,caudate nucleus is just like a gear box. It's in an automatic gear all the time. So,when it is not functioning well,certain information will be interpreted repeatedly. Once an information is stucked in caudate nucleus,our brain will tell us to do certain action,or hold certain thought in our mind until it is solved or overcomed completely.

The thought that being held is usually in questioning form. A simple question like "we have egg first,or hen first on planet Earth?" can being held in one's mind for a long period of time until they found an answer that satisfy themself. We must accept the fact that certain question has no answer and it is all happened by nature. We will face disaster if we choose to go against nature or try to solve it out.

It is not the end of your days if you're facing this problem. It is caused by biological factor,and yes it can be handled by following few simple steps. Do not give up. And yes,you are NORMAL!

Some said that OCD is caused by genetic factor,and it is inheritable. A statistic showed that there is one OCD person out of every fifty people. Do not worry because it can be CURED! I will talk about that in my next post. So,start to ask yourself,am I one of them? Prevention is definitely better than cure. 

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

now showing.

Currently back in hometown,KB. Damn this is my very first time feeling sad leaving my college. So many things to say in a post. Hopefully I won't procrastinate and stick my ass to start blogging again.

"I don't want seperate with you,but for our future,we need to overcome all the circumstances. I will support you,and I will never made the mistake I did before."

Well,so many things to say,to write,to upload. I'm gonna get back to tv awhile. Shall come back here,few hours later. Maybe I will,maybe won't.

Staring at a blank post with no title in my mind isn't a pleasure moment. Man I need some titles for my upcoming posts. Think think think. See ya!